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Update - 13 June 2014



The current Board of NCO has decided to step down, and the following new Trustees will be appointed:


•    Peter Stark, Chair (Conductor, Professor of Conducting at Royal College of Music)

•    Andrew Kemble (former NCO Chair, former Vice President of Yamaha Europe)

•    Edmond Fivet (former Director of Junior RCM and former Principal of Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama)

•    Howard Williams (Conductor)

•    Jack Ladeveze (Trustee of Enid Linder Foundation)

•    Paul Jackson (State School Head Teacher)

•    Clare Thompson (Musician, Senior NCO Tutor)

•    Charles Bligh (Director, TalkTalk plc)

•    Susan Stott (Chartered Accountant, Interim Treasurer)


Along with the rest of the current Board, Vivienne Price will step down as a Trustee.  She will now be the organisation’s “Founder and Life Patron”, and an adviser to the Board.  


During the coming months new governance structures will be finalised.  The proposed office move to Birmingham will be put on hold.  In the New Year, the interim Board will take a fresh look at all issues surrounding any move, considering all options afresh and consulting with the rest of the organisation before any decisions are taken.  


These arrangements have been agreed in a spirit of collaboration and goodwill on all sides.  We ask that everyone now comes together in the same spirit to support the NCO we all care about so much.